“What Do You Want Me To Do For You?”

Sermon Synopsis for Sunday, October 18th, 2015 Mark 10:35-45

That was the question Jesus posed to James and John when they told him they wanted him to do for them whatever they asked. They wanted Jesus to grant them positions of power in the Kingdom that they believed would be established by Jesus as the new Messiah. This conversation happened when they were on their way to Jerusalem and Jesus had just told them that he would be turned over to the authorities when they arrived there and that he would be inflicted with suffering and ultimately die.

He in any case could not grant them their wish and indicated that he was certain that they weren’t aware of what they were asking for. They clearly had a misunderstanding of the Kingdom that Jesus was ushering in and still did not get it when Jesus indicated that he was was going to Jerusalem to die. He was the suffering servant foretold by the prophets and those who followed him also would be servants. James and John clearly had missed the point and probably assumed that since they were first cousins of Jesus that they would have a seat of honor in the new kingdom, one at the right and one at the left of Jesus.

When Jesus had called them from their fishing business they willingly followed him, maybe because they saw how popular Jesus was and they were hoping for a better job than to be a humble fisherman who had to work hard and long to make a living. Following Jesus did not turn out to bring the results that they first thought.

Another person in the lesson for this Sunday, blind Bartimaeus, also asked Jesus for a special request. And although the disciples were trying to stop Bartimaeus from connecting with Jesus, Jesus heard his cry for help and asked him: “What Do You Want Me To Do For You?” and Bartimaeus asked to have his sight restored and Jesus granted him his wish. Bartimaeus knew Jesus was The Son Of David through faith and because of his faith Jesus restored his sight!

“What Do We Want Jesus To Do For Us?” As followers of Jesus we are reminded through this poignant story that when we follow Jesus, our lives will consist of being servants to all in need and that Jesus will give us the grace, power and fortitude to do just that. We are called to be servant leaders in the Kingdom of God as we walk the journey of faith.

James and John both died as martyrs as they journeyed forward in faith as servant leaders. They got the point after Jesus’ death and resurrection and were clear on what their job description for life was all about.

We too are on a journey to Jerusalem, our Jerusalems, and then experience the resurrection and eternity.