The Illogic of Grace

green grapeThe point of Jesus parable of the workers in the vineyard (Matthew 20:1-16) is clear: Grace is neither fair nor logical by human standards, but it is the way God chooses to deal with the world that God creates and owns. Many people, even well intentioned religious folk, struggle with God’s grace and our response to it. It is a mystery of faith that washes over us, transforming us into a people of radical, gracious generosity. God’s grace is embodied for us as we gather around the table for Holy Communion, where all are welcome, fed, and sent forth into the world in loving service.

St Paul’s News and Notes: St Paul’s Quilters meet each Tuesday at 9:00 am. All are welcome… School supplies are being collected for LWR School Kits and to stock the reserve shelves at KCISD for low-income students who run out during the school year. Lists of needed items are available… Non-perishable food items are being collected for the Karnes City Schools weekend food backpack program. This project continues throughout the course of the school year.