The Christmas Story from John

There are two Christmas Stories in the gospels.  One from Luke and Matthew and quite another one from John.  More than 500 different paintings have been done about the Luke Story with which the world is very familiar.  It is about Mary and Joseph, the baby, the shepherds, the stable, the innkeeper, the angels, the wise men from the East and more.  Music has been written about it and sculptures from around the world have been carved.  We display the crèches in our homes, town squares and city shops.

The John story has no pictures that have been painted about it.  Really, no images at all.  Why? Because you cannot visualize it, you can only understand it and believe it. “And the word became flesh and dwelt among us”, full of grace and truth.  We are made ‘children of God’.  We are given grace upon grace.  The light pierces the darkness.  We are called to be light!  All of this comes from the Gospel of John1:1-18.

It is a beautiful story about God becoming a human being.  It gets to the point of Christmas and tells the story with much more depth than Luke and Matthew.

We are still in The Christmas Season and I would suggest during these final days of theseason that you ponder again the two stories.  Luke 2 and John 1.

A Blessed Christmas and New Year to you all!