Sermon Synopses—Trinity Sunday

John 16: 12-15  LIVE, LOVE, DANCE!

Live-LOVE-DanceTrinity Sunday is one of the most meaningful Feast Day celebrations in the life of the Christian Church.  For it is on this day that we celebrate the fact that we believe in The Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  This doctrine of The Holy Trinity sets us apart from all of the other faith groups throughout the world.  The ecumenical Christian community has come to agree that the three creeds, The Apostles, The Nicene and The Athanasian Creed all are accepted statements of that doctrine.  We at St. Paul’s confess our faith every Sunday when we gather for worship by using either the Apostle’s or Nicene Creed.  The Athanasian Creed is lengthy and almost confusing in trying to explain meticulously our faith in the Triune God.

We begin our worship with the Trinitarian formula, In The Name Of The Father, Son and Holy Spirit and we use the same formula when we baptize, confirm, bury, and all other rites of the church.

Although explaining the Trinity can be difficult, it is nevertheless clear that we believe in God the Father who created us, God the Son who became one of us in Jesus Christ and redeemed us and God the Holy Spirit who leads us in the way of Truth and calls, gathers and enlightens the whole Christian Church on earth.

We often try to explain that there is only one God with three distinct persons.  We will take three flames and see that they are definitely three flames and put them all together and see only one flame.

Our creeds are in three parts.  Part one is about God The Father, Part two is about God The Son and Part three is about God The Holy Spirit. This helps us so much in understanding what we believe about God.

Our First Article of Faith is: God is creator.  Our Second Article of Faith is: God is redeemer and Our Third Article of Faith is: God is Spirit who calls us forth and guides and comforts us in life.

I would suggest that we consider our relationship with God with three words.  Live, Love and Dance!

We LIVE because God created us and continues to give us life.

We LOVE because God loved us so much—John 3:16.  And because he loves us we can love others and ourselves.

We DANCE, in other words we put our faith into action, because the Holy Spirit leads us in the way of truth and we are called together to be the church and do God’s work in the world or join him in the dance of life which is all about living in forgiveness, hope, joy, peace which leads us into service.

In The Name of The Father, The Son and Holy Spirit!