Moving our Boundaries Makes Life More Exciting

Sermon Synopses: Sunday May 29, Luke 7:1-10

unnamedThe Centurion in this Gospel lesson for today was one who was very good at moving boundaries and allowing other people far different than he to be part of his life. Although he was part of the Roman Army, and a very powerful person at that in charge of 100 soldiers in that part of the Roman Occupation of Palestine, he made such a difference in Capernaum. He realized the importance of a Synagogue there in Capernaum for all of the Jewish people so that they could worship in a setting that was conducive for them, so he built a synagogue. He befriended all the people in the small town and all the people had great respect and admiration for him for all of his kindnesses, which he bestowed upon them.

And now, in today’s gospel lesson, he needed help. His servant whom he loved very much was dying and he asked some of the Jewish leaders to go to Jesus and asked if he would heal him because he believed that Jesus had power and authority far greater than he and that Jesus could bring healing to his servant.
They went to Jesus and explained to Jesus that although the Centurion was not part of their community of faith, that he deserved to have his request met because he was such a good person.

Jesus had just heard that the Centurion wanted healing for his slave when the Centurion sent more messengers to Jesus to tell him that he was not worthy for Jesus to come under his roof or be a guest in his house but he believed that if Jesus would only speak the word that his slave would be healed. And Jesus exclaimed that ‘in all of Israel he had never seen such faith’.

What can we learn from this second miracle of Jesus?

  1. Our faith is more dynamic if it has no boundaries. (The Jewish community there in Capernaum reached out to help the Centurion with his request although he was not part of them)
  2. Allowing all people although they may be very different from us to be part of our lives and demonstrating that through our actions. Centurion built a synagogue for the Jewish community in Capernaum and he was kind and helpful to everyone)
  3. Jesus has not boundaries of Exclusion. Everyone: all cultures, all faiths, all races, and all professions—the people of the world are included in his acts of infinite love and kindness. He died for all, he lives for all, he forgives all and he intercedes for all.
  4. Life is much more exciting and interesting when we Go And Do Likewise!