More Talk About Bread!

Sermon synopsis for Sunday, August 23.  John 6:56-69


For the past five weeks we have been talking about bread. We began with Jesus talking about himself as being the ‘bread of life’. Then we moved on to the Miracle of The Feeding of The Five Thousand and today we conclude with Bread again! “The one who eats this bread will live forever!” were the words of Jesus.

The disciples responded with ‘this is very difficult to understand’. Many of those who had come to hear Jesus teach and see him perform miracles were now becoming very confused and were no longer having such a great experience with Jesus’ teachings . They were complaining vociferously and decided not to follow him any longer. The Jews were offended at his teachings because they thought it blasphemy for him to elevate himself above Moses and the prophets. So they were all leaving.

It was only the 12 who were still with him so Jesus asked them: “Will you also go away?” And Peter asked: “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life!? We have come to believe and know that you are the Holy One of God.”

Jesus often used metaphors in his teaching process and this one: “I am the Bread of Life” was most difficult for his disciples and other followers to understand.

Questions that we can ask from this Gospel lesson could be: Are we offended at his teaching? Are we confused by his teaching? Do we not understand his teaching? Do we believe his teaching? Will we too go away or will we follow him?

We believe with the 12 disciples that Jesus is the Bread of life and when we eat that bread we eat his flesh and when we drink his cup of suffering, we drink his blood. Or do we? If is difficult to believe it but it is especially difficult for us as the Church, to be the Body Of Christ and to share that truth in our community and in the world.

A steady diet of ‘the Bread of Life’ nourishes us to be the people of God, the Body of Christ in the world today.!