Life Begins at 75

Sarah_AbrahamAt age 75, Abraham heard the voice of God call him to leave behind home and family and hit the road. In that society, one’s kinship group was everything: livelihood, security, identity, in short, everything. Abraham took such radical action all based on trusting in a promise. From Abraham we learn two basic principles:

1.) Faith translates into action and
2.) God will provide.

Trusting in the promise of God made to us in our Baptism, we are called into action in the world trusting that in all things God will provide for us, just as God provided for
Abraham and Sarah.

St Paul’s News and Notes: Lenten Offerings will go toward St Paul’s Synod Assembly Offering, to purchase Life Straws… Lutheran 101 is now being offered during Sunday School
time beginning… The time for Karnes County Relay For Life is fast approaching. See Barbara Jonas for details… The people of St Paul’s are partnering with the Karnes City Schools to provide school supplies and backpacks of food to provide meals on the weekends for needy students.