God’s Work; Our Hands

Hands on a globeOur hands are truly marvelous things. Our hands can do so many things from creating to destroying; from expressing consolation to expressing judgment; from reaching out and offering a hand up to pulling away and pushing down. Our hands are made to receive the gracious works of God in Word, Sacrament, and Cross. Our hands are made to pick up our cross and follow Jesus, serving our neighbor in love, and surrendering the “right” of retaliation and resentment for the work of reconciliation and restoring of relationship. God’s work; our hands.

Boy with backbackSt Paul’s News and Notes: School supplies are still needed for LWR School Kits and to stock the reserve shelves at KCISD for low-income students who run out during the school year. Lists of needed items are available… Also food non-perishable food items are being collected the Karnes City Schools weekend food backpack program. This project continues throughout the course of the school year… On Thursday, September 18 @ 6:00 pm St Paul’s will be hosting an Interfaith Prayer Vigil for Central American Mothers and Children Housed at the Karnes County Residential Center. The intent of this service is to be non-partisan and to cloak all concerned parties including GEO employees and administrators, and ICE and other government officials with the mantel of prayer and compassionate concern. All are invited and welcome to attend.