Steering Committee

Mission: To bring education opportunities in art, music, dance and drama to the people of Karnes County and beyond.

The purpose of the CFAEA steering committee is to establish policies for the operation of the CFAEA programs. The committee will consist of individuals working on and with the program, including members of St. Paul Lutheran and the community.

The music director of St. Paul’s Lutheran is invited to serve as a voting member. Instructors may be invited to serve or advise, depending on the needs of the program. Members will be selected and invited by the committee members. The pastor of St. Paul’s Lutheran may serve as an ex officio member but will not have voting privileges, and will be considered an advisory member.

The Steering Committee will monitor budget performance of the program and advise instructors concerning available funds.

The Steering Committee will make program decisions concerning purchase of materials for the Academy.

The Steering Committee will make fund-raising decisions, write grant proposals, and direct activities to ensure that students and the community are adequately served according to funds available.

A member of the Steering Committee will attend St. Paul’s Lutheran Council Meeting at least quarterly to report on program performance and discuss special needs and events. A written monthly report will be shared with the St. Paul’s Lutheran Council.

Community Fine Arts Education Academy
c/o St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
408 South Davidson Street
Karnes City, Texas 78118
Contact us: 830-780- 2251