Fearless Living!

Sermon Synopsis for Sunday, November 1st

The whole month of November will be devoted to thinking about all of the exciting possibilities we have in life as children of God, created in his image and living life without fear. Today we focus on Fearless Living!

To get to the heart of this, we will use as the background Genesis 1 & 2. You may want to take a moment and read the account of creation as presented.

You will note that our courageous God put us in charge of creation! That is an awesome responsibility! God gave us free will, created us in his image and unleashed for us wonderful opportunities to take care of all that was created.

Yet many of us feel as though we have no purpose in life. We simply don’t know what to do with our lives and wonder why God placed us here in the first place. We feel no sense of purpose and we spend a lifetime wondering what we might be doing. We also pay too much attention to what others think and therefore we go with the status quo and get trapped in fear and disillusionment.

Today I want to think with you about some individuals who though they faced many difficulties in life, they lived fearlessly! Among them are people such as John Brown, Mother Theresa, Dr. Martin Luther King, Moses, Nelson Mandela, people in your life who made a huge difference because of their commitment to a purpose and then Jesus, our redeemer a Savior!

John Brown, an abolitionist, deplored slavery! And he went to great lengths to fight slavery including going into violent shootouts to bring home his point. Although there were many who believed that he went about it in the wrong way, he nevertheless got the attention of many people. He died a convicted criminal and yet he felt to the end that he had done the right thing. And on the way to the gallows, sitting on his coffin that had been built for him, he declared it was a beautiful day and his last words were words addressing the atrocities of slavery. He lived fearlessly! Mother Theresa sis the same! She reached out to the poor, hungry, homeless and disenfranchised from the streets of Calcutta to wherever she went.  Although people felt she went overboard, nevertheless she had great impact on people the world over. Martin Luther King on the day before he died declared he had been to the mountain top but knew that he would not see the promised land rid of racism and prejudice, continued to preach non-violence! He lived fearlessly, devoted to his God given calling and purpose! Moses—a great man of God never made it to the promised land either! Nevertheless he led the people of Israel through incredible circumstances . And although the people murmured and complained, he lived fearlessly, acting on what he knew he was called to do. Nelson Mandela took huge risks, spent years in prison but left a deep imprint of the meaning of living together in community throughout the world! And then there was Jesus, the most courageous of all who lived life fearlessly, knowing what he needed to do as the Messiah, the Son of God. And although his own family and townspeople were against him, he fearless moved forward and has given all of us the wonderful gift of redemption!

God has given all of us great purpose and also calms our fears in living it out! We are created in the image of God and have the capacity to make a huge difference in the way we live our lives. We have the gift of unconditional love from God and we also have the capacity to love unconditionally! We are in charge of creation and the opportunities to do just that are monumental! It is so easy to get caught up in fear however and end up doing nothing except going with the flow, never rocking the boat, buying into the popular movements of the day that keep people divided, abuse and destroy creation and live paralyzed with fear. Life becomes empty and meaningless!

God calls us as his children, to be engaged in life and the living of it. And we are told to live without fear! “Cast all your cares on him for he cares about you.” Knowing our purpose and knowing that no matter what, God will always be for us and care for us in all circumstances of our lives frees us up! We can live a life that is full of meaning and purpose! And we can live fearlessly!