Fearless in our Sowing!

Sermon Synopsis, Sunday, November 15th

Today we come together to continue our emphasis on Fearless Generosity. And we focus specifically on ‘Fearless Sowing’. As we gather today, we find ourselves in the aftermath of a terrible tragedy which occurred on Friday evening in one of the charmed cities of the world, Paris, France! We stand in solidarity with the people of France and others who lost loved ones. We mourn with them and offer prayerful support as they move forward.

We are reminded that events like this are happening because of the negative seeds that are sown throughout the world and the false propaganda that is spread to create a condition of fearful living. Nation against nation, people against people, ideologies against ideologies and people of faith misinformed about God’s calling to us in life.

ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq & Syria, is recruiting many young people to join their hateful and destructive cause as they misinform young people about the Koran and other holy writings. They also promise and deliver economic gain for all of their followers who live in extreme conditions of poverty. And many confused people are joining their forces thinking that they will have a better life.

It is incumbent on the Church, The Body of Christ, to speak the truth about God’s hope for all people throughout the world to live in peace and to denounce any activity of any group that sows seeds of untruth about others and brings violence into the lives of so many people who want just the opposite.

Paul, in his letter to the Thessalonians, thanks them for the kind of love and encouragement that they continue to show to each other, the community of which they were a part and the world. They are an example of what the church is to be about namely people who fearlessly sow seeds of God’s love and acceptance to all.

All of know first hand how good it is to receive support and love from those around us. We also know the pain and agony we experience when persons speak untruths about us.

We are called upon in our congregational life and life in general, the places where we live and work and play to outdo one another in stiring each other up to doing love and good works,

Each day as we rise we can ask God to help us be kind to others, tenderhearted and forgiving and encourage each other in every way to love and good works! Sowing seeds of love, mercy and hope will help create a sustainable world.