Healthy Congregation Workshops

With breaks, meals and conversation, each workshop lasts about six hours. Workshops 1-3 build on one another and are taken in sequence 3-6 months apart.Pastors, Councils, call committees, church staff and other church leaders should attend.Leaders from multiple congregations at a single workshop strengthen the learning.
Workshops are interactive and learner centered. Creative teaching techniques include videos, group projects, case study,practical exercises, large and small group discussion.

Workshop #1
Creating Healthy Congregations
 Introduces Systems Thinking as a way to understand your congregation
 Equips leaders to value differences, focus on strengths and mission.
 Leaders will begin to develop and refine their mission and vision for the future.
Workshop #2
Healthy Congregations Respond to Anxiety and Change
 Equips leaders to respond to anxiety and change rather than react to it.
 Equips leaders to manage conflict effectively rather than avoid it.
 Equips leaders to act flexibly and creatively.
Workshop #3
Leadership in Healthy Congregations
 Equips leaders to promote health through their presence and functioning
 Equips leaders to challenge people
 Equips leaders to build resilience in their congregation for the sake of mission.

These workshops enable leaders to:
 Gain a renewed sense of mission and vision
 Cultivate strong leadership capacities to challenge the congregation
 Learn how to develop healthy patterns of living together in community
 Learn to focus on strengths, resources and options for the future
 Boost confidence in responding to challenges and opportunities
 Learn how to lead calmly and with thoughtfulness
 Reflect theologically about relationships
 Move the congregation toward even healthier functioning

What is the cost?
Normally, workshops cost $200 plus the cost of the materials, facilitator mileage and lunch. Synod-sponsored workshops are $20 per person for the hosting congregation to cover the cost of materials, lunch and to offset facilitator travel costs. Cost for those not members of the hosting congregation is $25. Payments must be made with registration. Synod-sponsored events will include online registration at

Summer, Fall 2013 Synod –Sponsored Workshops:
July 20 WS 1 Cuero
July 27 WS 1 McAllen
Aug. 24 WS 1 Corpus Christi
Sept. 7 WS 1, 2, 3 San Marcos
Sept 28 WS 1 San Antonio,
Rio Grand Valley
WS 1, 3 Austin
Oct. 3 WS 1 Blue Bonnet Conf.
TBD WS 1 Hill Country Conf.

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