Bishop Sue Briner’s Sunday Sermon

Grace to you and peace, from God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Here we are, right at the end of the Easter season. Last Thursday the Church commemorated the Ascension of Jesus, where the Messiah returned to his father and commissioned his disciples. But today we have one more Easter story before… Read More

Lord, Be merciful to me a sinner!

Luke 18:9-14 It’s difficult to avoid interpreting this parable in straightforward, even simplistic terms, in part because the dramatic action of this parable is so very predictable even to those with only limited knowledge of the story of Jesus’ life. Knowing that Pharisees are regularly cast in the gospels as Jesus’ opposition, we all too… Read More

Finding Refuge

Brothers and sisters in Christ, For over six months Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services worked with CBS News on telling the story of refugees whose journey brings them to the United States through resettlement.  Last Sunday, October 16, this segment was shared on the program, 60 Minutes, and was called “FINDING REFUGE.”   LIRS worked with… Read More

Living a Life of Gratitude!

Jesus in the story of the Ten Lepers gives a very powerful example of feeling grateful and expressing gratitude, (Luke 17:11-19). One of the lepers, the Samaritan, obviously experienced healing to the fullest because his attitude toward life was shaped by his gratefulness after his healing. The other nine took the experience for granted it… Read More

Where You Sit Matters!

Luke 14:1,7-14 We have long understood the power of a seating arrangement-from where you sit at a dinner party-at the head of the table or at the kids table or where you sit at a wedding-with the bridal party or next to the buffet to where you sit at church-in your regular pew or as… Read More

Bishop Eaton @ ELCA Churchwide Assembly 2016

Bishop Eaton’s inspiring presentation at Churchwide Assembly! If you take the time to watch, you’ll be thrilled you did.

ELCA Churchwide Assembly 2016 Presentation

Watch the video of our ELCA Assembly Report.

“Bent and Broken” Luke 13-10-17

When you sit opposite from Emma, you don’t notice that there is anything wrong. She is a spry and sparkling example of 86 years old at its best, when seated. She sits up, looks you in the eye, and makes casual conversation with a rapier wit on almost any topic. She picks up her teacup… Read More

Moving our Boundaries Makes Life More Exciting

Sermon Synopses: Sunday May 29, Luke 7:1-10 The Centurion in this Gospel lesson for today was one who was very good at moving boundaries and allowing other people far different than he to be part of his life. Although he was part of the Roman Army, and a very powerful person at that in charge… Read More

Sermon Synopses—Trinity Sunday

John 16: 12-15  LIVE, LOVE, DANCE! Trinity Sunday is one of the most meaningful Feast Day celebrations in the life of the Christian Church.  For it is on this day that we celebrate the fact that we believe in The Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  This doctrine of The Holy Trinity sets us… Read More