Dealing With Life’s Temptations

Luke 4:1-13 Today we see Jesus nearing the end of his forty days in the wilderness immediately after his baptism by John in the Jordan. He is hungry and probably at the most vulnerable point of his wilderness wandering when the Devil meets up with him and gives him three temptations. And they have to… Read More

We are on the right track

The transfiguration of Jesus was an important event for Jesus and his disciples, James, Peter and John. For Jesus, it was an experience in his life that gave him clear indication about who he was as the Son of God. and for the disciples it verified for them that Jesus was indeed the Christ, the… Read More

The Body of Christ, the Church, a wonderfully diverse organism

Paul in I Corinthians 12 is helping the Corinthian congregation understand what it takes for the church to be a healthy church, one in which all members are celebrated and affirmed. The Corinthian congregation had become confused about what it takes to be the church. The gifts of the spirit, which were more showy and… Read More

Celebrating Our Baptism

Today we celebrate the Baptism of Jesus as well as our own baptism. If we have not been baptized it is an opportunity to think about baptism and the benefits it brings and decide on our own baptism experience. For Jesus, baptism was a pivotal event in His life as it is in any baptized… Read More

The Christmas Story from John

There are two Christmas Stories in the gospels.  One from Luke and Matthew and quite another one from John.  More than 500 different paintings have been done about the Luke Story with which the world is very familiar.  It is about Mary and Joseph, the baby, the shepherds, the stable, the innkeeper, the angels, the… Read More

Fearless Giving!

Luke 21:1-4 Sermon synopsis for Sunday, November 22. This month we have been talking about Fearless Living, Serving, Sowing and today we talk about Fearless Giving. Giving of ourselves, our time, the gifts we have received from God such as the ability to sing, ourselves and our financial resources. Giving is something that is so much fun and… Read More

Fearless in our Sowing!

Sermon Synopsis, Sunday, November 15th Today we come together to continue our emphasis on Fearless Generosity. And we focus specifically on ‘Fearless Sowing’. As we gather today, we find ourselves in the aftermath of a terrible tragedy which occurred on Friday evening in one of the charmed cities of the world, Paris, France! We stand in solidarity with… Read More

Fearless Generosity

Sermon synopsis for Sunday, November 8, 2015, Luke 4:16-21 We continue our discussion on “Fearless Generosity”. Last week we focused on “Fearless Living” which emphasized the fact that God has given each of us unique personalities, gifts and callings in life. We encouraged each other not be afraid of who we are and the gifts we have been… Read More

Fearless Living!

Sermon Synopsis for Sunday, November 1st The whole month of November will be devoted to thinking about all of the exciting possibilities we have in life as children of God, created in his image and living life without fear. Today we focus on Fearless Living! To get to the heart of this, we will use as the… Read More


Sermon Synopses for Reformation Sunday. St. Paul Lutheran, Karnes City, Texas It has been almost 500 years since Martin Luther posted his ninety-five theses on the door of the castle church in Wittenberg on October 31, 1517. Two months prior to that posting, on September 4, 1517, Luther had written, and sent to the Augustinian… Read More